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An Engaging Couple

Simon + Sharon  | Scotsdale Farm |  Engagement Shoot | May 28, 2016

It sounds a bit like an alliteration: Simon and Sharon’s Sizzling Engagement Shoot at Scotsdale Farm.

The last weekend in May proved to be a great time to shoot Simon and Sharon’s engagement shoot.  This Spring has been exceptionally hot and it  felt more like  a  hot August afternoon. Although it was late afternoon, the  sun was bright and there was  a gentle wind blowing.

Simon is a  photography colleague – we took some courses together at Sheridan  College- which is how I know him. He’s a great guy – easy going – so  there was a comfort level already, but it was my first  time meeting Sharon, and she turned out to be equally great and fun. She  came up with some poses ideas which  I was happy to try out-  like this window reflection shot.

I spent a couple  hours with Simon and Sharon exploring Scotsdale and getting some romantic shots in a picturesque setting.

We had a blast.  Lots of laughs.  After being to Scotsdale on  several shoots, I had always eyed this abandoned bath tub as a fun prop – but it was fun-loving  Sharon who  was my first willing  subject – I mean model-  to  try it out!

A couple that can laugh together is sure to have a great future ahead.

I wish them all the best in their  life together. I’m sure I’ll be seeing more of them in the future.


Cheers,  Greg

Greg Coman Photography


A Fine Balance

A Fine Balance  by Greg Coman Photography.
A Fine Balance by Greg Coman Photography.

I took this photo in Iqaluit, Nunavut.

As I stared in wonderment  at this stack of rocks  precariously balanced,  I  saw an analogy of my life.

Although I’m not quite ready to reveal my whole life with you yet- we’re only on our second blog date after all, I’ll tell you what I see.

I see  a  good strong foundation – and a strong  belief that I  can build something awesome.

The bottom rocks at the bottom are my foundation – I put the strongest, most stable  ones at the bottom to hold up the smaller  ones  – like a parent,

The bottom ones are my Taurus rocks.

Each rock I place on the  foundation is  a mini success in itself.   Each rock is a little knowledge gained, Each rock is  a memory.

Some rocks are a  little weathered and scarred,   but as a whole,  the tower is  a thing of beauty, even with the blemishes,  like life itself.  

I’m   a little bit afraid to add another rock,  but I do. I’m  excited  to add  a new rock and proud when I do.

I’m  halfway up – its holding up, but wait !   I have a really big rock to add, This was not expected. This changes things ! Do I  stop now? Do I give up?

I close my eyes and add another rock.

My rock skyscraper seems to have gained some strength now – with this new foundation.

Maybe you see a  similar analogy, or maybe something different. We each have our own towers to build.

These rocks are not going anywhere  soon. Even if the tower was to fall over with time, the rocks could  be used to build something else.

I hope to continue to share some of my photos, and my  insights with you, Perhaps it will  bring you  inspiration, perhaps  visual appeal.  That would make me happy.

Rock on!

My First Blog

Here it is – my first Blog.  I just want to say hi – and tell you a little bit  about me.

That's me - Greg Coman.   (another event photographer  took this).
That’s me – Greg Coman. (another event photographer took this).

After a successful career in IT, I took a leap of faith, and decided to pursue a new career in photography, which has always been my passion.
I am now engaged in photography on a daily basis, as a school photographer, as well as some freelance work out of my home studio in Halton Hills. Its a perfect job for me because I love working with people.

I also enjoy travel and hiking, usually with a camera in my hand. I recently completed the 880 km Bruce Trail end to end, and created a photographic essay of that journey.
My travels have taken me around the globe from the Canadian Arctic to the Far East – including Baffin Island, Thailand, India, Nepal, Curacao, the Caribbean, and Europe .
I  have a well rounded portfolio of photographic genres – including portraits, landscapes, architecture, and nature photography.

I’m  a member of the Bruce Trail Association, and Grand Valley Trail Association. My images have appeared in several publications including the front cover of the West Jet magazine UP!, the Bruce Trail Magazine, Side Roads of Halton Hills, the Georgetown Independent Free Press, and the Niagara Escarpment News.

from my Point of View  by Greg Coman.  Published by  West jet UP! inflight magazine.
From my Point of View by Greg Coman. Published by West jet UP! inflight magazine.

I’m Past President of the Halton Hills Camera Club. Through my continued involvement with the Halton Hills Camera Club,  I have met many other great photographers – amateur and professional, and I enjoy the comradery  and  inspiration that comes  with that.

I have also been fortunate to have received some accolades  and  I’ve received numerous awards in various photography contests, including the Halton Hills PhotoArt 2014 competition , in which I  received the Mayor’s Choice award.

I hope to  continue doing photography  as a profession, as well as enjoying the creative aspect of photography   for my own enjoyment. Perhaps others will find inspiration and visual appeal in my work. That would make me happy.

Lets keep this blog thing going. See you soon.

Wire and Ice by Greg Coman. Mayor's Choice Award.
Wire and Ice by Greg Coman. Mayor’s Choice Award.