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An Engaging Couple

Simon + Sharon  | Scotsdale Farm |  Engagement Shoot | May 28, 2016

It sounds a bit like an alliteration: Simon and Sharon’s Sizzling Engagement Shoot at Scotsdale Farm.

The last weekend in May proved to be a great time to shoot Simon and Sharon’s engagement shoot.  This Spring has been exceptionally hot and it  felt more like  a  hot August afternoon. Although it was late afternoon, the  sun was bright and there was  a gentle wind blowing.

Simon is a  photography colleague – we took some courses together at Sheridan  College- which is how I know him. He’s a great guy – easy going – so  there was a comfort level already, but it was my first  time meeting Sharon, and she turned out to be equally great and fun. She  came up with some poses ideas which  I was happy to try out-  like this window reflection shot.

I spent a couple  hours with Simon and Sharon exploring Scotsdale and getting some romantic shots in a picturesque setting.

We had a blast.  Lots of laughs.  After being to Scotsdale on  several shoots, I had always eyed this abandoned bath tub as a fun prop – but it was fun-loving  Sharon who  was my first willing  subject – I mean model-  to  try it out!

A couple that can laugh together is sure to have a great future ahead.

I wish them all the best in their  life together. I’m sure I’ll be seeing more of them in the future.


Cheers,  Greg

Greg Coman Photography