Weather or not

On a recent cross country drive through the Southwest USA  this past August,  we got into some weather. It was Day 3 of the trip, and we were stacking up some miles  since we left Toronto.


We had started from our  Walmart campsite, just south of Denver  earlier that morning, and since we were making some good headway,  we stopped for  a leisurely lunch in Salida, Colorado.


From there the skies started getting interesting.

With warm air, convection currents  and mountain ranges in the distance,  the skies took on some otherworldly colours.


This  isolated rain cloud seemed  selective in where it dumped its rainfall,  so I   kept a careful eye on it, and   maintained  a safe distance.


Shooting with my lens sticking  out of the car window for many  of these shots, like this one below.


There were not many places to seek shelter in a downpour, so we kept driving.


We were aiming for a visit to the Sand Dunes National Park , before  heading to Durango, CO.  We could see the sand dunes in the near distance.


The rain held off long enough for  a  short visit to Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado.


And then the  skies opened up quickly, dropping a huge payload. In the photo below,  the small white motor home, which is  barely visible in the distance,  gives some perspective of the immensity of the clouds.


Off our entourage darted to Durango, where we looked forward to a dry bed and warm meal at my in-laws  home.

Stay tuned for more adventures on the road with the Phoenix Explorers.

All photos copyright Greg Coman Photography.



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