Summer’s Over!

It’s Monday, September 4th- the week is over, and  the  weekend is over. Being one of the few long weekends of the summer,  the long weekend is over, and it was the last one of the summer. Reality check – summer is officially  over!

Depressed yet?  Don’t  worry. These cycles  all repeat. Get over it.

Let’s  analyze the word  “Over” .   From my limited Grade 9 Latin,  I know that most words are based on Latin  roots.  Other words that evolve from this word   are  Ovarian Cycle- the cycle of life, and  new beginnings – perhaps  birth.

In the Arts , there’s  the Ovation. After a concert- there’s an Ovation, perhaps even a Standing Ovation,  if it was  a particularly  outstanding performance.

As American baseball legend Yogi Berra first uttered about the 1973  pennant race ”it Ain’t over till it’s over”.

As summer comes to an end. it’s time to reflect on my summer trip  to the Southwest with the Phoenix Youth Group. Yellowstone National Park was  the last National park of several that we visited. Here are some shots from that  trip to Yellowstone. We  started with the customary viewing of Old Faithful Geyser. Then, as the day wound down, we caught the last last rays of the sun at  Grand Prismatic Spring.


So put on a happy face, the day may be over , the summer may be over, but there’s always tomorrow.

Over and out… Greg



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