Cypress Lake/Bruce Trail Camp – May 2017

At the young age of 10 my dad was working for Air Canada in Ontario, and he got transferred  to Vancouver.  I spent  my  early years  surrounded by mountains, ocean and forests.  I joined the Boy Scouts where I was introduced to  hiking  and camping.  My first overnight was winter camping with the Boy Scouts in North Vancouver, which was a bit of an eye opener to  survival of the elements.  Later on,  I have fond memories of canoe trips  in my youth  in Algonquin Park with my father.

As a father myself now, I  introduced my two daughters to hiking and camping. We proudly wear our End to End Badges having completed the Bruce Trail in its entirely, all 880 kms, which we undertook over several years with other families.

With nature as my epicenter, I am still  actively hiking.  My friend Peter Wiinholt, a high school teacher and wilderness guru,  put a call out  to help out with his scout group – the Phoenix Explorers.

I am excited to be joining Peter and the Phoenix Explorers to  the Southwest on an Epic four  week driving  trip this coming August.

To prepare for this upcoming trip,   we engaged on  a 3 day camping trip up to  Cypress Lake , Ontario, where we  explored the Bruce Trail, and worked out the camping cobwebs.

Here are  a few photos from that trip.

Stay tuned for more  adventures with the Phoenix Explorer Group.


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