Underwater Wedding Photography

Krista Fox  Photography Review | Wedding Photography | Underwater Photography |  June 11, 2016

This is very  cool.  I recently saw a presentation  by Krista Fox of Krista Fox Photography.

Krista is a Toronto based photographer specializing  in Weddings and  Destination Weddings, in beautiful  places like Italy and the Mayan Riviera. So  pinch me now because that sounds like the perfect dream job.

It  gets better- if the couple is willing – Krista will  take underwater photos of them  – in their wedding clothes. This usually happens  the day after the wedding in what she calls a “day-after” session.   It’s  the ultimate “trash the  dress”  session, although  the dress doesn’t actually get  destroyed –  its just as good as new after a thorough dry cleaning.

Krista Fox Cenote 3
Wendy and Shane explore a fresh water pool  near Tulum Mexico.  Photos By Krista Fox .

If the couple are really adventurous, and strong swimmers, and willing to go all the way under, the results can be stunning.

Krista Fox Cenote

Wendy and Shane kissing underwater. Photo by Krista Fox Photography.

Some of you may  know that I’m a certified scuba  diver   and  that I do  wedding photography,  so  maybe this could be the ultimate dream job for me.

I may be looking for volunteers  in the coming months.  Maybe I’ll put a sign up “Have pool – need models- must have own wedding dress” .


Krista Fox Cenote 2
Photos by Krista Fox Photography. 

As Krista Fox will attest from experience, couples are willing to go to all depths to get the perfect wedding photos.

By Greg Coman Photography   http://www.gregcoman.com


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