The Long Lens

I borrowed an awesome lens from Nikon last week- the new AF-S NIKKOR 400mm f/2.8E FL ED VR.

There are certain limitations that would dissuade me from owning one of these – my pocketbook mainly, and the fact that  my insurance rates would skyrocket.  For  a cool $13,000. you can be the proud mama or papa of one of these babies.

You should also  consider  hiring a porter to haul it around for you.  At 8.2  lbs , it is the equivalent  of my first-born’s birth weight.

But joking aside, it is a very fine piece of glass. I took this shot of the moon with it.  If you look closely you can see the craters. If you added an AF-S Teleconverter TC-14E III  to it, you could probably see  tire tracks from the lunar-mobile.

Greg Coman- Leo Moon

Nikon is targeting  “professional and passionate photography shooters” with this lens.     I think they forgot “wealthy”.  Allowing photographers “to capture the thrill of sports, action and wildlife with staggering clarity and precision, even in challenging light”. That’s true.

I  loaded up my gear and headed to Scottsdale farm. I was hoping for a glimpse of a bald eagle or a coyote,  but  no luck on that particular front. Luckily I coerced my daughter to come along as a porter, and  I got some great action shots of her running through the snow.

I also tried some macro shots of snow drifts with it. As my photographer friend Alan McCord commented “it’s pretty awesome to actually see the snow spilling over the edge like that”.

Bottom line is –  wildlife  photographers will love it – you  will get super-sharp images even from a significant distance. And for you sports photographers, I suspect that any pro Nikon shooter at the upcoming PanAm games is going to have one of these babies.

GEC- Snow Wave


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