Weather or not

On a recent cross country drive through the Southwest USA  this past August,  we got into some weather. It was Day 3 of the trip, and we were stacking up some miles  since we left Toronto.


We had started from our  Walmart campsite, just south of Denver  earlier that morning, and since we were making some good headway,  we stopped for  a leisurely lunch in Salida, Colorado.


From there the skies started getting interesting.

With warm air, convection currents  and mountain ranges in the distance,  the skies took on some otherworldly colours.


This  isolated rain cloud seemed  selective in where it dumped its rainfall,  so I   kept a careful eye on it, and   maintained  a safe distance.


Shooting with my lens sticking  out of the car window for many  of these shots, like this one below.


There were not many places to seek shelter in a downpour, so we kept driving.


We were aiming for a visit to the Sand Dunes National Park , before  heading to Durango, CO.  We could see the sand dunes in the near distance.


The rain held off long enough for  a  short visit to Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado.


And then the  skies opened up quickly, dropping a huge payload. In the photo below,  the small white motor home, which is  barely visible in the distance,  gives some perspective of the immensity of the clouds.


Off our entourage darted to Durango, where we looked forward to a dry bed and warm meal at my in-laws  home.

Stay tuned for more adventures on the road with the Phoenix Explorers.

All photos copyright Greg Coman Photography.



Summer’s Over!

It’s Monday, September 4th- the week is over, and  the  weekend is over. Being one of the few long weekends of the summer,  the long weekend is over, and it was the last one of the summer. Reality check – summer is officially  over!

Depressed yet?  Don’t  worry. These cycles  all repeat. Get over it.

Let’s  analyze the word  “Over” .   From my limited Grade 9 Latin,  I know that most words are based on Latin  roots.  Other words that evolve from this word   are  Ovarian Cycle- the cycle of life, and  new beginnings – perhaps  birth.

In the Arts , there’s  the Ovation. After a concert- there’s an Ovation, perhaps even a Standing Ovation,  if it was  a particularly  outstanding performance.

As American baseball legend Yogi Berra first uttered about the 1973  pennant race ”it Ain’t over till it’s over”.

As summer comes to an end. it’s time to reflect on my summer trip  to the Southwest with the Phoenix Youth Group. Yellowstone National Park was  the last National park of several that we visited. Here are some shots from that  trip to Yellowstone. We  started with the customary viewing of Old Faithful Geyser. Then, as the day wound down, we caught the last last rays of the sun at  Grand Prismatic Spring.


So put on a happy face, the day may be over , the summer may be over, but there’s always tomorrow.

Over and out… Greg


Cypress Lake/Bruce Trail Camp – May 2017

At the young age of 10 my dad was working for Air Canada in Ontario, and he got transferred  to Vancouver.  I spent  my  early years  surrounded by mountains, ocean and forests.  I joined the Boy Scouts where I was introduced to  hiking  and camping.  My first overnight was winter camping with the Boy Scouts in North Vancouver, which was a bit of an eye opener to  survival of the elements.  Later on,  I have fond memories of canoe trips  in my youth  in Algonquin Park with my father.

As a father myself now, I  introduced my two daughters to hiking and camping. We proudly wear our End to End Badges having completed the Bruce Trail in its entirely, all 880 kms, which we undertook over several years with other families.

With nature as my epicenter, I am still  actively hiking.  My friend Peter Wiinholt, a high school teacher and wilderness guru,  put a call out  to help out with his scout group – the Phoenix Explorers.

I am excited to be joining Peter and the Phoenix Explorers to  the Southwest on an Epic four  week driving  trip this coming August.

To prepare for this upcoming trip,   we engaged on  a 3 day camping trip up to  Cypress Lake , Ontario, where we  explored the Bruce Trail, and worked out the camping cobwebs.

Here are  a few photos from that trip.

Stay tuned for more  adventures with the Phoenix Explorer Group.

Underwater Wedding Photography

Krista Fox  Photography Review | Wedding Photography | Underwater Photography |  June 11, 2016

This is very  cool.  I recently saw a presentation  by Krista Fox of Krista Fox Photography.

Krista is a Toronto based photographer specializing  in Weddings and  Destination Weddings, in beautiful  places like Italy and the Mayan Riviera. So  pinch me now because that sounds like the perfect dream job.

It  gets better- if the couple is willing – Krista will  take underwater photos of them  – in their wedding clothes. This usually happens  the day after the wedding in what she calls a “day-after” session.   It’s  the ultimate “trash the  dress”  session, although  the dress doesn’t actually get  destroyed –  its just as good as new after a thorough dry cleaning.

Krista Fox Cenote 3
Wendy and Shane explore a fresh water pool  near Tulum Mexico.  Photos By Krista Fox .

If the couple are really adventurous, and strong swimmers, and willing to go all the way under, the results can be stunning.

Krista Fox Cenote

Wendy and Shane kissing underwater. Photo by Krista Fox Photography.

Some of you may  know that I’m a certified scuba  diver   and  that I do  wedding photography,  so  maybe this could be the ultimate dream job for me.

I may be looking for volunteers  in the coming months.  Maybe I’ll put a sign up “Have pool – need models- must have own wedding dress” .


Krista Fox Cenote 2
Photos by Krista Fox Photography. 

As Krista Fox will attest from experience, couples are willing to go to all depths to get the perfect wedding photos.

By Greg Coman Photography

An Engaging Couple

Simon + Sharon  | Scotsdale Farm |  Engagement Shoot | May 28, 2016

It sounds a bit like an alliteration: Simon and Sharon’s Sizzling Engagement Shoot at Scotsdale Farm.

The last weekend in May proved to be a great time to shoot Simon and Sharon’s engagement shoot.  This Spring has been exceptionally hot and it  felt more like  a  hot August afternoon. Although it was late afternoon, the  sun was bright and there was  a gentle wind blowing.

Simon is a  photography colleague – we took some courses together at Sheridan  College- which is how I know him. He’s a great guy – easy going – so  there was a comfort level already, but it was my first  time meeting Sharon, and she turned out to be equally great and fun. She  came up with some poses ideas which  I was happy to try out-  like this window reflection shot.

I spent a couple  hours with Simon and Sharon exploring Scotsdale and getting some romantic shots in a picturesque setting.

We had a blast.  Lots of laughs.  After being to Scotsdale on  several shoots, I had always eyed this abandoned bath tub as a fun prop – but it was fun-loving  Sharon who  was my first willing  subject – I mean model-  to  try it out!

A couple that can laugh together is sure to have a great future ahead.

I wish them all the best in their  life together. I’m sure I’ll be seeing more of them in the future.


Cheers,  Greg

Greg Coman Photography

The Long Lens

I borrowed an awesome lens from Nikon last week- the new AF-S NIKKOR 400mm f/2.8E FL ED VR.

There are certain limitations that would dissuade me from owning one of these – my pocketbook mainly, and the fact that  my insurance rates would skyrocket.  For  a cool $13,000. you can be the proud mama or papa of one of these babies.

You should also  consider  hiring a porter to haul it around for you.  At 8.2  lbs , it is the equivalent  of my first-born’s birth weight.

But joking aside, it is a very fine piece of glass. I took this shot of the moon with it.  If you look closely you can see the craters. If you added an AF-S Teleconverter TC-14E III  to it, you could probably see  tire tracks from the lunar-mobile.

Greg Coman- Leo Moon

Nikon is targeting  “professional and passionate photography shooters” with this lens.     I think they forgot “wealthy”.  Allowing photographers “to capture the thrill of sports, action and wildlife with staggering clarity and precision, even in challenging light”. That’s true.

I  loaded up my gear and headed to Scottsdale farm. I was hoping for a glimpse of a bald eagle or a coyote,  but  no luck on that particular front. Luckily I coerced my daughter to come along as a porter, and  I got some great action shots of her running through the snow.

I also tried some macro shots of snow drifts with it. As my photographer friend Alan McCord commented “it’s pretty awesome to actually see the snow spilling over the edge like that”.

Bottom line is –  wildlife  photographers will love it – you  will get super-sharp images even from a significant distance. And for you sports photographers, I suspect that any pro Nikon shooter at the upcoming PanAm games is going to have one of these babies.

GEC- Snow Wave

A Fine Balance

A Fine Balance  by Greg Coman Photography.
A Fine Balance by Greg Coman Photography.

I took this photo in Iqaluit, Nunavut.

As I stared in wonderment  at this stack of rocks  precariously balanced,  I  saw an analogy of my life.

Although I’m not quite ready to reveal my whole life with you yet- we’re only on our second blog date after all, I’ll tell you what I see.

I see  a  good strong foundation – and a strong  belief that I  can build something awesome.

The bottom rocks at the bottom are my foundation – I put the strongest, most stable  ones at the bottom to hold up the smaller  ones  – like a parent,

The bottom ones are my Taurus rocks.

Each rock I place on the  foundation is  a mini success in itself.   Each rock is a little knowledge gained, Each rock is  a memory.

Some rocks are a  little weathered and scarred,   but as a whole,  the tower is  a thing of beauty, even with the blemishes,  like life itself.  

I’m   a little bit afraid to add another rock,  but I do. I’m  excited  to add  a new rock and proud when I do.

I’m  halfway up – its holding up, but wait !   I have a really big rock to add, This was not expected. This changes things ! Do I  stop now? Do I give up?

I close my eyes and add another rock.

My rock skyscraper seems to have gained some strength now – with this new foundation.

Maybe you see a  similar analogy, or maybe something different. We each have our own towers to build.

These rocks are not going anywhere  soon. Even if the tower was to fall over with time, the rocks could  be used to build something else.

I hope to continue to share some of my photos, and my  insights with you, Perhaps it will  bring you  inspiration, perhaps  visual appeal.  That would make me happy.

Rock on!

Capturing the moment